Hackathon Competenze per Competere con UniBS

Hackathon skills to compete with UniBS

On Friday 20 April at the Gulliver headquarters a hackathon was held with the collaboration of Rise (Research & Innovation for Smart Enterprises) from the University of Brescia.


A positive and educational experience that has been leading the students of the Engineering faculty together with the professionals of Gulliver who, with the moderator teacher support, formed three working groups with different topics.


After the intro, a substantial break opened the creative day. The goal of each group is ambitious: to create a mobile app that works in 8 only hours.

In order to achieve this goal, it was applied the Agile methodology and the development through Gulliver MDC platform.

The students had the task of realizing the idea linked to the assigned topic with the help of the university facilitator; then the application was made by the Gulliver professional (both developers and designers) present in the groups.

Each group presented the realized applications according to the assigned topic:

Events management: the solution allows the user to pick from a list which event to attend, receive notifications, consult a series of useful information about the event; there is also the possibility of interacting with the organization, the speakers, answering questionnaires and giving feedback. In the same way, the organizer has a web console to manage the event program, upload content, view the list of subscribers, send notifications to users.

Project finalization: The App is designed to be integrated into a project or production cycle, in order to help the operator to calculate the performed interventions in the simple and most effective way. Once identified he can declare the beginning and the end of an activity, manage various types of causality, selecting the relative orders / production

orders on which it operates; some aspects have also been considered that facilitate the adoption of the App by the operators, as well as the collaborative relationship between workers and managers has been improved.

Conscious Washing machine: The App consists on a series of questions aimed at users who own or use a washing machine, allowing to collect and enhance certain parameters related to water and energy consumption, the frequency of washing, the type of washing machine used (energetic class). By processing these data, the App defines the user's profile, giving information on the environmental impact, consumption, costs, providing useful indications to improve these aspects.

At the end of the day, a specially created jury evaluated the proposed solutions, rewarding the best. In addition to the professionals of Rise, the jury also included Mutti board's members